Turkey Strips Dog Jerky


American farmed, all white meat, hormone-free turkey breast, processed and packaged in America by Best Buddy Biscuits.  X-lean ground turkey is piped into approx. 1 x4 in strips and dehydrated -1.25 oz of product – each bag contains a silica pack for moisture control – the package is a clear polypropylene, gusseted bag with a zip closure and heat seal – contains an ingredient label and crude analysis.

Our all natural dog treat products are treats/cookies & protein snacks meant for consumption by dogs. The dog treats come packaged in a brown Kraft window bag which contains a silica packet and a safety seal over the closure; jerkys come in a poly gusseted bag, a silica packet for moisture control and a hot seal closure. Our dog treat products contain an organic preservative consisting of vitamin E and rosemary oil.  You can expect them to maintain freshness for approximately 5-6 months in a dry environment.  Our dog treat products are approved by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture as a commercial feed product.

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