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The Best Healthy Dog Chews


All of our chews are grown/farmed in the U.S.  They are excellent for satisfying a puppy’s need to chew or for keeping your adult dog busy. They are all highly digestible and great for keeping your dog’s teeth clean.  Our Sweet Potato Chews are a sweet chew full of vitamins and minerals, while our pig ears and bullies will keep your pet busy – all are an excellent alternative to any type of raw hide.

Order from the safety and
comfort of your home!!

April Giveaway
For our April Giveaway, we wanted to give your pup something special ....something that wouldn't be gone in two chomps!!

With your permission, we'd like to send your pup a collar medal of St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals/Pets.

During these difficult times, I'd like to think that our pets are being looked after and protected.

If you DO NOT wish to receive it, in the comment section of your order form, please state: Do Not Send, and you will not receive it.*

If interested, you can read about the history of
St. Francis on our Blog,
"Did you know?" on our website.

*Disclaimer: The medal is being given out in the spirit of the season to those who wish to receive it. Every customer has his/her right to refuse this medal by noting so in the comment section of their order form. We are by no means pushing our beliefs upon our customers.

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