He’ll eat anything!

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Well, just because he’ll eat it, doesn’t mean he should!  I know I’m looking forward to summertime and all the delicious foods that come with it.  Nothing like having a crispy hot dog and a cold beer while sitting out on the deck after a long day at the office.  You go to take a bite and you-know-who suddenly appears out of nowhere…. With those eyes, staring a hole right through you. 

I’m sure as a dog owner you’ve heard many times about foods that you should and should not feed your dog, no matter how hard he stares.  Here is a list of some items you may never have realized could hurt your buddy.

Beer – while cool and refreshing, the yeast and carbonation can expand in his stomach and cause serious gastric problems.

Corn-on-the cob – the kernels can cause an intestinal blockage. The cob is a choking hazard.

Avocado – while being a human super food, it contains Persin, which can cause heart congestion, diarrhea and vomiting in dogs.

Fruits – while many fruits are fabulous for dogs, grapes and raisins are toxic and cause liver and kidney failure and even death to a dog.  Also, stone fruits and apples – they have pits and seeds which contain cyanide which is a deadly poison.  Always remove the pit and seeds before giving it to him.

Ice cream – we’ve all slipped our dog a little scoop now and again, but between the heat and the dairy, it could cause stomach upset, diarrhea and bloating.

Citrus fruits – citrus fruits contain citric acid, and this could cause stomach irritation and possible damage to the central nervous system.

Raw bones – while raw bones provide calcium and keep our pets busy for a while they do present a choking or splintering hazard -If cooked, they can become even more brittle.

Macadamia nuts – though quite tasty, they are extremely toxic to dogs.  Just a handful could kill a dog.

Bacon – say it isn’t so!!!  While a strip every now and again is not a danger, being a part of a dog’s regular daily diet or regularly consuming extremely greasy store-bought bacon/sausage treats, could lead to pancreatitis.

Xylitol – Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in gum and mints to reduce calories – this is highly toxic to dogs and could kill them.

Raw Dough – Though I’m sure your dog won’t have much of an opportunity to eat raw dough, I thought I would tell you about it anyway.  The yeast in unbaked bread can extend the abdomen causing pain, creating blockages, could cause stomach twisting and worst of all, fermented yeast/dough produces ethanol – which could lead to alcohol poisoning.

Acetaminophen/Tylenol/Aspirin – Though some of us think of our pets as furry people, they are not!!  By giving your pet any of these household headache remedies, it can cause liver damage, labored breathing, swollen face, jaundice, vomiting and possibly coma.  Call your vet if you’re sensing that your dog is feeling under-the-weather!  Our medications aren’t always what the doctor ordered for our pet.

Marijuana – If by accident your dog should consume a dangerous amount of cannabis, get them to the vet immediately – he will appear anxious, dehydrated, lethargic, he may drool and vomit and possibly get diarrhea – an excessive amount could be deadly.

Raw Egg – Many pet owners are switching over to raw diets and adapting an ancestral diet for their pets.  While it’s a great idea for some, you should be aware of illnesses associated with raw foods, such as salmonella and E. coli.  It is always best to give the egg a quick toss in a fry-pain, keeping the yolk intact to preserve the nutrients, but enough to kill any illness causing bacteria.

Raw Fish – While sticking to a raw diet many pet owners will include fish in the meal plan.  This is great, however, there are certain types of fish that should never be fed in a raw state. They contain parasites that can make your pet become very ill. They are raw Salmon, trout, shad and sturgeon.

After I finished writing this blog, I felt satisfied that I told/reminded you of all the basic food and beverages that could make your pet sick.  And then suddenly, like a glass of cold water being splashed in my face, I thought about my beloved, long-gone greyhound, Julie – she was a real foodie!! I didn’t know much about pet nutrition back then.   My flashback reminded me of how much she enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee with us every Sunday morning!!!  Oh no, what was I thinking!!  Please don’t call the ASPCA on me….. I swear I didn’t know!!

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