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Welcome to the first posting of my blog!!  I truly believe that if you’re going to take the time to read something, it needs to be fun, informative and interesting, maybe even a little thought provoking!!

When I started my business twelve years ago, I have to admit, that other than owning a dog, I didn’t know too much about how they actually functioned.  I have a culinary arts degree, so I feed humans. When it was suggested to me that I consider adding dog treats to my repertoire, I was like, how difficult can that be?

I went to work reading about the construction of a healthy dog treat – Yikes, I learned very quickly that dogs are not fuzzy little humans who just act like forever toddlers!!! They have crazy nutritional needs, allergies to foods, some foods are even poisonous!!   I quickly discovered that the only way I was going to be a success at this was to start reading!!  And that’s what I did!  Read and read and then started to design the perfect dog treat.

I found the reading to be so fascinating, that I am currently in school earning my CPN licensing – that stands for Certified Pet Nutritionist.  So now my reading has become extremely interesting!  Sometimes the books and articles that I read are so intriguing that I need to share my discoveries.  I’ll actually tell anyone who will listen!!

I know that most pet owners today are highly educated in the needs of their pets and successfully keep them healthy and happy.   So, with this in mind, I will be working very hard to find cool information about nutrition, healthcare, the pet food industry and some fun facts, that I hope you will find fascinating and give you an a-haa moment that you’ll want to share.

My Blog will be published every Monday. Please feel free to share it with your friends, family or anyone who will listen!!

Welcome to my blog……  Did You Know??

Chef Lin

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