American Kennel Club – AKC

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If you are a pet lover and can see a new dog in your future, I would suggest joining, or at least signing on to the AKC newsletter.  You can find a breed that will suit you and your family perfectly – from liking kids, high or low energy, specific needs, types of hereditary illnesses and on and on.   Even if you have in mind to adopt – you can still look up the breeds that appear to make up you new baby.   The AKC is amazing for dog lovers in general –  even if you can’t have one right now, you can attend the Club’s events and just have a ball.

Coming up in January is the 2020 AKC Meet the Breeds 11th annual Event.  It will take place in NYC at the Javitz Center on January 25 & 26th.  For just $32.00 for adults and $10 for children you can have a fabulous day learning about the dog categories and a bit of canine history.  I recommend getting your tickets in advance.

You can witness the first appearance of the Barbet (Bar-bay), which means “beard” in French.  He is from the water dog category and is certain to have you wanting to take him home with you!!

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